What we do?

We specialise in PVC fabrication and PVC design solutions for Commercial Complexes, Hotels, Hospitals, Resorts, Swimming pools, Food Courts and Bulk kitchen areas.

About Us

Hi, we are Floor Tech PVC Fabricators a team of creative engineer’s with a passion for the art of PVC fabrications. We are crafts men so Designs and products which we manufacture do not have an end. We deliver the tailor made products for construction companies to suite your requirements which reduce your material cost. We are into optimizing the plumbing designs and fabricate the plumbing joints which reduce your time and money which get wasted in your construction cost. We are excited to say we are into online sales and support, through which we can work with millions of people around the world. We are very particular about gaining your trust when it comes to online business so that you could count on us like people next to your door steps. When you are choosing our products you are choosing a company with long history and vast experience as our organization was founded at the year 1985 we have been through all the changes in the society in the past few decades.