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Inspection chamber
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Product Description

PVC main chamber any number of inlet mouth can be provided in the side walls according to the required.The general assembly of coverslab and chamber is in such a way that the load acting on the cover slab will be transferred directly to the ground without loading the chamber this superior design and composite material allows the PVC chamber to withstand loads generated by heavy vehicle such as trucks. Advantages over masonry chamber. Masonry chambers tend to leakover a period of time either at the joints with PVC input pipes or self cracking. Both these problems are over come using advanced PVC composite material chamber.This is installed below ground level. These PVC chambers have advantages over masonry chambers and could be used instead of traditional masonry chambers. PVC chambers will not corrode and is fully soil water resistant, our factory made chambers can be provided with inlet and out let mouth at any particular directions to suite the requirement, these chambers are highly recommended where when chambers are located inside building structure, near septic tank, UG sump, bore well columns, beams, swimming pools or other important location. Traditionally normal Masonry chambers is constructed by mason at construction site, these Masonry chambers will develop self cracks over the period of time allowing ground water to seep into the chamber. When the construction site is located near coastal areas the risk of ground water seeping into the chamber is very high.