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"Our aim is simple - to provide affordable PVC fabrication and PVC plumbing & design solutions for Commercial Complexes, Hotels, Hospitals, Resorts, Swimming pools, Food Courts, water treatment plant with accessories, wash area and Bulk kitchen areas which meets your requirements perfectly gives a professional look that inspire confidence in your customer."

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We are glad to introduce our self as one of the finest PVC plumbing specialists and PVC plumbing fabricators located in T.Nagar, Chennai, India and running successfully for 29 years. Our founder is K . Balaji and he has a vast experience in this field for over 35 years and is still counting. We are experts in PVC fabrication of Commercial buidings plumbing, Hospital plumbing, Multi store building plumbing, Apartments plumbing, Labs plumbing, Hotels plumbing, Resorts plumbing, Swimming pool plumbing, Food courts plumbing, Bulk kitchen areas plumbing, Independent bangalows plumbing and other PVC fabrication solutions. Our TIN number is 33221581119.

Difference between fabricated and ready made

Fabricated floor traps

Readymade floor traps


This floor traps inlet and outlet mouths are fabricated as per site condition of toilets layout in a particular directions

Only standard directions are provided


Waste line pipe consumption is less

Waste line pipe consumption is high


Pipe fittings like 'L' bows, tee and bushes are not required for interconnection between floor traps

Pipe fittings like 'L' bows, tee and bushes are required to interconnect between floor traps


We can provided sufficient water seal as per toilet layouts

It has insufficient water seal


In case of blockage cleaning is very easy

In case of blockage cleaning is difficult


In this bushes like 50mm/75mm are not required to inter connect floor trap

In this bushes like 50mm/75mma are required for inter connecting floor traps. Hence 3/4" height waste water is stagnated in between inter connection of traps


Fabricated floor traps body wall thickness is 3.5mm

Readymade floor traps body wall thickness is 2mm


In case of floor punching types in this double water seal type can be fabricated

Double water seal floor traps are not available


Multi way water seal is provided

Multi way water seal is not provided


Top side coupling is provided to extend the height

Top side coupling is insufficient


Towards outlet mouth the flow is free enough

Towards outlet mouth the flow is disturbed.

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